SSS Nanorail Racking System is ETL Listed in the US and conforms to UL
2703:2015 standards. It has undergone rigorous quality examinations and testing
to ensure reliability and safety.

SSS racking systems are crafted from high-quality anodized aluminum and
stainless steel, ensuring exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to rust and

We offer two lines of racking systems designed to fit a wide variety of pitched
roof types:

  • The Nanorail System is tailored for pitched metal roofs with a corrugated
    or trapezoid surface. It can also be installed on standing seams by pairing
    with a standing seam clamp.
  • The Full Rail System is compatible with all roof types where L-foot can be
    fastened onto securely.

Absolutely. SSS racking systems are modular and can be easily expanded to
accommodate additional solar panels as your energy needs grow.

Yes, SSS racking components are engineered with anodized aluminum and
stainless steel to provide maximum corrosion protection for even the most
demanding outdoor environments. The system design load is built to withstand
Downward Pressure of 10psf, Upward Pressure of 5psf, and Down-Slope Load of
5psf. Further specifications can be found in the Intertek Report for UL2703:2015

Our Nanorail System is compatible with PV modules up to a maximum size of
2384mm x 1134mm (approximately 550W). We recommend using PV modules
that meet the standards outlined in either UL1703 or UL61730 for optimal
compatibility and safety.

Installing the Nanorail Racking System is designed to be straightforward. For
detailed step-by-step guidance, please refer to our comprehensive installation
manual. You can request a digital copy of the installation manual by emailing

Yes, SSS provide a 1-year manufacturing warranty covering materials and

Selecting the right racking system depends on various factors, including roof
type, panel size, and environmental conditions. Our team is available to assist you
in determining whether MST systems are suitable for your solar projects. For
personalized assistance, please reach out to us at support@solarsupersonic.com.

SSS racking systems are designed for minimal maintenance. However, we
recommend conducting routine inspections to ensure all components remain secure and load capacities remain within the appropriate range. Discuss post-
installation maintenance plans with your solar installers.

Generally, standard tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers are sufficient for installation. Specific requirements will be detailed in the installation guide
provided with the system.

SSS offers wire clamps attached underneath solar modules for organized and
secure cable management, protecting wires from environmental exposure and
reducing clutter.

***two documents related: 1) ETL report, and 2) installation manual